Wholesale And Online Sales

Product, Category & Inventory Management

Bring your existing products, categories and inventory into a ready-to-use online-sales-system. You can get started to sell online and collect payments independently using this cloud based system.

  • Ability to scale from products to up to 2000 products without additional cost (from Amazon AWS)
  • Ability to handle 10 orders per day to up to 300 orders per day without additional cost (from Amazon AWS)
  • Amazon EC2 based scalability and reliability delivering 99.99% uptime guarantee


Mobile / Device Compatible

Per statistics more than 70% of customers visit and purchase products online using a mobile phone. Its important to pay attention to a sales-system that is fully mobile-ready! Yes our CloudApps system support mobile devices and most available android/apple devices out of box and no additional cost/licenses are needed.

  • Responsive architecture for entire app allowing out-of-box support for iPhone, Android, iPad and other devices from the get-go!
  • Allows you to setup Sales-Kiosk for field sales without adding additional software cost and no additional licensing fees.
  • You can also setup independent kiosk at your office location for visiting-customers to order and pay. No third party software required but you may have to use an iPad of your own for the Kiosk-setup.

Quickbooks Invoice - QBR Ready

Don’t overwork or rework your sales invoices or customer management system. Use the Quick Books Report download feature (QBR) in CloudApps to easily download the invoice entries – includes customer entries and sales entries in a single Quickbook compatible file. You can upload this QBR file into your QuickBooks Accounting software (installed software or online system) and automatically get “most” data synced over.

  • Save time and effort by re-typing all sales invoices and sales-entries into QuickBooks.
  • Avoid mistakes and human error by using QBR download for Quick Books.
  • No Restriction on number of times you can use QBR, but most businesses run QBR to sync accounts once a month
  • No Additional cost of QBR download – its included in your cloud license!

Variable Pricing Groups

Variable Pricing Group allows businesses to up-sell and implement variable pricing for products based on customer groups who buy more frequent (from your catalog).

  • Create “frequent buyers/customers” group and assign preferred pricing for the customer group.
  • Ability to assign customer to pricing groups.
  • Ability to create multiple / upto 20 pricing groups for all your product-catalog.
  • CloudApps system automatically “sell@ price” based on who you wholesale customer is. It also will allow retail sales at a “Default Pricing Group”

Dashboards & Reporting

Easy to use dashboards allows you to manage the entire sales system and oversee the operations more effectively. All dashboards come built-in and no additional software installs or software cost is required. Our dashboards are HTML5 and mobile device capable so you can view and perform all tasks from your mobile or iPad if you choose that way.

  • Supports Revenue Dashboard – visibility for business owners to understand data-analytics of your business sales
  • Support Order Dashboard – visibility into operations and order queue.

Integrated Customer Portal

  • Allows your customers to login to separate integrated Customer Portal to download invoices, pay for outstanding balances or initiate new order.
  • Customer Portal supports adhoc/on-demand payment and remote payments helping you manage outstanding revenue collection faster.
  • Reduce burder of reminding customers to pay by using in-built reminder system.
  • Offering self-service via Customer Portal reduce time spend on making and receiving bulk of office/work calls.

Dynamic Order Dashboard

Order dashboard shown here is from our Demo system with demo entries.

  • Order Dashboard shows all incoming orders in “Current Order Queue” that covers all order from all sources – even if Customer created an order via Portal or not.
  • Order Processing – helps your operations to process existing orders being handled/full-filled in your supply chain.
  • Order Delivery – provides visibility into orders that are managed by your “Delivery-Drivers”.
  • Completed Orders are those that are delivered to customers and ready for sync to QuickBooks for payment.

Unified Revenue Dashboard

Integrated Revenue Portal Demo Screenshot is shown here.

  • Business Owner can view total revenue by date/day or month. Business Owners can see important metrics like Net Revenue, Total Sales and Revenue-by-category.
  • Average Monthly Sales are also available on-demand.
  • Top 10 Customers-by-Sales: helps provide insight on which is your top incoming customer for the Year.
  • Top 10 Products-by-Sales: helps your focus on products that are fast moving and help you replenish your inventory when Sales increase.

Collect Payments Faster

  • Provide means for walk-in customers, remote customers or any vendor to visit your website and pay an outstanding balance easily on your website – using any phone or device.
  • Reduce and get rid of cost of owning / operating payment processing devices or subscription. Stop paying for middle-man and third parties charging commission for payments.
  • Close your budget in green when your outstanding revenue balance drops to single digit percentage – just by creating an organized self-service approach.

Focus on Growing Your Online Sales

We can assist in technology assist while you can focus on growing your online sales. Some of these areas of help could be third party integrations.

  • Essential Integration – with external systems
  • Support for CXML B2B gateways
  • Support for Accounting System – like QuickBook
  • Support for Payment Processor – like Stripe



Plans and Pricing

Pro Business Apps-Cloud

Pro Business Apps Cloud

Standard Business Apps-Cloud

Standard Business Apps Cloud


Specialized Onboarding & Staff Augmentation Services

Product Catalog Onboarding & Setup

  • Onboard your existing products, categories and pricing groups
  • Setup cart-templates and invoice templates for your online sales system
  • Create Custom Reports for your weekly/ monthly or yearly requirements.

Order Flow Training & Managed Service

  • We can assist in lift-and-shift of your applications from your existing server/system/network to Amazon AWS.
  • We can help identify reduce or eliminate costly on-premises servers/systems that are end-of-life and should be removed/replaced with cloud-based system or new server.
  • We can assist to identify and lower cost of ownership of existing Sales/Inventory or Warehouse Applications by consolidating cost footprint or network requirements.

Integration w/Third Party Software

  • We can assist in east adoption and/or migration from one management system to another.
  • We can help create custom reports or download data needs that you want to automate and help reduce redundant waste of staff time or budget.