Small Business Cloud

Secure Business Assets

Secure online business assets like email, domain-ownership, website, SSL certificates, forms and your site data all behind a private cloud server while establishing trust and business reputation. You never have to give your credit card to any IT vendor again (not even us!) ever.

  • Use included web-server to host your website
  • Use built-in domain and SSL management
  • Use built-in email server for your business emails

Reduce Operating Cost

Convert manual tasks like Invoicing, Purchase Order creation, incoming request management, payment followup and other staff-time-consuming tasks to electronic and automate them increasing operating efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Use built-in online payments system (PCI Compliant)
  • Use built-in electronic forms and ePDF system
  • Use built-in invoice system

Focus on Business Not Tech

Let us handle your business technology back-end tasks like data storage, data backups, SSL security renewals, domain and email security, form and payment tracking – all your IT headache can now be mitigated!

  • Never have to renew your business domain again!
  • Never have to pay for hosting services again!
  • Never have to pay for SSL certificates for email and for website again!

Simple Online Cart

Create and sell products and services from your own independent cart solution and collect direct payments for same. Fully independent and no monthly cost overheads!

  • You can use built-in Java-based “Simple cart” or create a new “Opencart” based system.
  • Use a Stripe payment gateway and have direct business account integration with Stripe for payments with no middleman and no commission to third parties (not even us).

Built-In Secure Cloud File Storage

Upload critical file backups and store them securely in your Cloud Storage for no additional cost. Its a peace of mind for laptop crash, loss-of USB drives and knowing you have a backup saved in your private File-Storage away from your office computer!

Online Secure Folder Share

Save and securely share files that you use the most! With or without password-protected folder share on the internet.

  • Physician Offices can share commonly used forms and applications PDF online like privacy-policies and
  • Schools use this feature to share Enrollments forms, General used forms with student body.
  • Architects and law-offices use folder-share to share large file sizes securely with other vendors and for printing-services.

Plans and Pricing

Pro Business Apps-Cloud

Pro Business Apps Cloud

Standard Business Apps-Cloud

Standard Business Apps Cloud


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