Non Profit Organizations

Increase Transparency & Efficiency

  • Increase transparency with your community members, non-profit donors and volunteer groups that work with your non-profit’s mission by adopting processes and system based on following footsteps of other successful non-profit’s.
  • Increase efficiency by addressing your mission’s challenges without making “change to be difficult”.

Reduce Operating Cost

Convert manual tasks to electronic or automated tasks, paper-based forms and documents into fill-able electronic forms, automate volunteer registration process, implement cost reduction process by avoid waste of budget allocations.

  • Establish easy donation collection using built-in PCI Compliant payments
  • Convert paper based workflows to electronic forms
  • Implement easy approval process to enforce compliance

Secure Your Organization Assets

Secure your non-profit’s assets like organization emails, domain-ownership, website, Security SSL certificates, accessible-forms and your organization data all behind a private cloud server while establishing trust and reputation. You never have to give your credit card to any IT vendor again (not even us!) ever.

  • Use included web-server to host your organization website(s)
  • Use built-in domain and SSL certificate management
  • Use built-in email server for your non-profits professional emails (stop Advertisers from harvesting or stealing donor or organization information)

Get Organized & Implement Winning Strategy

You are not a business competing to sell products but you want to win engagement, donor contribution and be successful in your non-profit’s mission. You need a winning strategy to accomplish it. Here are the outline:

  • First step is to get organized – data, people, process and workflows
  • Project your cause – engagement, outreach, activities, events
  • Streamline processes – approvals, electronic, waste reduction, budget
  • Grow Harmonious – measuring success, engagement metrics, healthy growth

Collect Donations & Organize Fundraising

  • Implement streamlined fundraising process and donation collection via your website such that donors find it easy and safe to donate to your cause.
  • Transition from old donor management process to simple electronic donor list management and effective recursive payment response. Implement effective engagement strategy and makes donor give your repetitively and consistency.
  • Use technology that support mobile based payments, capture remote payments, implement Kiosk-based payments – enabling payment capture wherever you are at your office or at field-camps.

Increase Engagement with Community

Increase engagement with community is essential for the longevity and healthy growth of your non-profit’s mission.

  • Increasing engagement has positive impact on ability to attract a larger set of volunteers that can assist with your mission’s goals.
  • It provides a positive feedback on healthy growth and greater response from your members you serve.

Plans and Pricing

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