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Transform Your Business

Transform your business to new age of technological advances in communication, data management and business workflow management.

  • “Change is always difficult” – but “change with incentives”  can make it happen faster and have better rates of success.
  • You would like to plan for changes that assist in increasing  your business revenue and while bringing costs down.

Go Paperless

Transition from paper-based workflows to paperless workflows. This helps you business with:

  • Saving cost of paper purchase and shredding services
  • Saving cost of ink cartridges for your printers significantly
  • Saving electric and maintenance cost related to printing services
  • Helps respective administrators download the contents of the form instead of retyping everything over along with fully ready electronic PDF file.

Go Secure Remote Payments

Collect remote payments by sending secure payment links to your vendors/customers.

  • Collect scheduled payments on your site by sending all payees/vendors to a unified payment page.
  • Get rid of third parties that exist to collect a commission while working directly with the bank.
  • Get rid of payment card processors and expensive payment machines and replace them with a payment link on your mobile taking payments anywhere you go!

Increase Business Efficiency

Do more without increasing headcount by streamlining processes using technology to make tasks easier and efficient.

  • Move to automate mundane repetitive tasks that consume staff hours and case loss of productivity.
  • Use technology to assist wherever needed to reduce cost and scale business integration higher. Book higher revenue from simple changes to business processes that matter.

Vendor Folder Share

Share large architectural diagrams with vendors for printing and easy of access using folder-share.

  • Organize all your project data in separate secure folders and assign entitlement-access to users who you choose with read or write privileges.
  • Never need to worry about carrying around USB drives or losing important data on travel – just upload to your own cloud and share securely.

Reduce Operating Cost

Convert manual tasks like Invoicing, Purchase Order creation, incoming request management, payment followup and other staff-time-consuming tasks to electronic and automate them increasing operating efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Use built-in online payments system (PCI Compliant)
  • Use built-in electronic forms and ePDF system
  • Use built-in invoice system

Focus on Business Not Tech

Let us handle your business technology back-end tasks like data storage, data backups, SSL security certificate renewals, domain and email security, online form and customer payment tracking – all your IT headache can now be mitigated!

  • Never have to renew your business domain again!
  • Never have to pay for hosting services again!
  • Never have to pay for SSL security certificates for email and for website again!

Plans and Pricing

Pro Business Apps-Cloud

Pro Business Apps Cloud

Standard Business Apps-Cloud

Standard Business Apps Cloud