Physicians and Healthcare

Gain Compliance (Value Based Care)

Create automatic compliance and audit trail for cloud-based documents, cloud-based forms, emails, clinic data, domain ownership and secure storage access.

  • Create “Connected Care” approach by consolidating all web-presence in one place
  • Create “Value Based Care” starter is to align clinic information & resources
  • Create “Pay-flow” to support effective close loop payments-to-care metrics

Reduce Operating Cost

Convert manual tasks like Patient intake forms, LAB forms, paper-documents into fillable electronic forms, Medical Supplies Order forms, HIPAA regulatory forms, payment followup and other staff-time-consuming tasks to electronic-tasks and automate them increasing operating efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Use built-in online payments system (PCI Compliant)
  • Use built-in electronic forms and ePDF system
  • Use built-in ePDF system (with document management)

Secure Business Assets

Secure online clinic or physician’s office assets like clinic email, clinic domain-ownership, website, SSL certificates, accessible-forms and your site data all behind a private cloud server while establishing trust and business reputation. You never have to give your credit card to any IT vendor again (not even us!) ever.

  • Use included web-server to host your clinic website(s)
  • Use built-in domain and SSL certificate management
  • Use built-in email server for your business emails (stop Advertisers from harvesting or stealing patient or medical information)

Patient / Customer Portal

Use Customized Patient portal (with or without) login to help create a self-service patient community and reduce overhead on your front-office and nurse-practitioners.

  • Use Patient Portal to help pre-fill-able forms such that wait times can be reduced and increase physicians “value based” approach with patients.
  • Close Outstanding-payments loop by providing means for patients to pay remotely even when they are not visiting your office.
  • Create means for Patients to download LAB reports or other documents securely.

Collect Copays and Payments Faster

  • Provide means for walk-in patients, remote patients or any vendor to visit your website and pay an outstanding balance or even visiting-copay easily on your website – using any phone or device.
  • Reduce and get rid of cost of owning payment processing devices or subscription. Stop paying for middle-man and third parties charging commission for payments.
  • Close your budget in green when your outstanding patient balance drops to single digit percentage – just by creating a “Connected Care” around your services.

Incoming Folder Share

Save and securely share files that you use the most! With or without password-protected folder share on the internet.

  • Physician Offices can share commonly used forms and applications PDF online like privacy-policies
  • Allow Patients to use an incoming-drop-box facility to provide patient-history and reference documents securely (only accessible to patient and its doctors)
  • Make life easier for Billing and Front-office management by providing essential technology services to get work done faster and easily.

Plans and Pricing

Pro Business Apps-Cloud

Pro Business Apps Cloud

Standard Business Apps-Cloud

Standard Business Apps Cloud


Specialized Healthcare and Assessment Services

HIPAA Assessment & Advice

  • We can create and help advice on HIPAA Compliance Blueprint customized for your clinic/physicians office.
  • We can help create and deliver custom document templates, PDF, forms, required-compliance constructs and processes that can help posture your office before external audit is evidenced.
  • Save time and gain effective compliance following our customized Blueprint.

Med/LAB Application Migration

  • We can assist in lift-and-shift of medical/lab applications from your existing server/system/network to Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud system.
  • We can help identify reduce or eliminate costly on-premises servers/systems that are end-of-life and should be removed/replaced with cloud-based system or new server.
  • We can assist to identify and lower cost of ownership of existing LAB applications by consolidating cost footprint or network requirements.

Assist with EMR, EHR, Epic or Cloud Systems

  • We can assist in east adoption and/or migration from one management system to another.
  • We can help create custom reports or download data needs that you want to automate and help reduce redundant waste of staff time or budget.

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