Community Colleges And Schools

Increase Community Engagement

Community engagement has benefits to target the large but common hurdles faced by many community colleges and large schools.

  • Target to increase “completion rate” for students and practitioners achievements.
  • Work towards creating a “symmetry” between so many different systems that support enrollments, academics, payments, financial-aid, student-services – into a single system in-harmony.
  • Reduce and Eliminate waste of resources, budget and waste of staff time by automating simple and repetitive tasks.

Reduce Operating Cost

Convert manual tasks like Patient intake forms, LAB forms, paper-documents into fillable electronic forms, Medical Supplies Order forms, HIPAA regulatory forms, payment followup and other staff-time-consuming tasks to electronic-tasks and automate them increasing operating efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Use built-in online payments system (PCI Compliant)
  • Use built-in electronic forms and ePDF system
  • Use built-in ePDF system (with document management)

Focus on Service not Technology

Create automatic compliance and audit trail for cloud-based documents, cloud-based forms, emails, clinic data, domain ownership and secure storage access.

  • Create “Connected Care” approach by consolidating all web-presence in one place
  • Create “Value Based Care” starter is to align clinic information & resources
  • Create “Pay-flow” to support effective close loop payments-to-care metrics

Think Self-Service / Portals

Student Portal

Student / Request Portal

  1. Simple Student Portal
  2. Track Student Requests
  3. Create Effective Engagement





Payment Portal

Payment Portal

  1. Collect Pending Payments
  2. Track On-Campus Payments
  3. Audit & Compliance






Ticket/Service Portal

Service Portal

  1. Support Service
  2. Infrastructure Service
  3. Track Open/Closed Requests






Staff Portal

Staff Portal

  1. Manage Staff Leave/Requests
  2. Create Approval Requests
  3. Improve Staff Retention & Engagement






Be Creative with Budget Constraints

  • Reduce Reuse and Recycle – Simple yet effective. Reduce use of paper, ink, staff hours, reuse consolidated server on cloud instead of multiple servers, Recycle servers and create service-time slots to save – thousands of dollars yearly.
  • We can help identify budget cost items and help reduce and/or eliminate certain IT and technology related costs. Its a win-win when we are not adding to your costs but help “reduce your existing cost expenses”.
  • Think Automation can help in simple day-to-day operations tasks that can help reduce thousands of staff-time in mundane repetitive jobs that you are paying for.

Increase Student Engagement

Plans and Pricing

Pro Business Apps-Cloud

Pro Business Apps Cloud

Standard Business Apps-Cloud

Standard Business Apps Cloud